Forms and inner balance

"The Greeks said to "weave" a temple and saw in the work of raising the walls and raising the columns the same technical device by which women wove their tapestries" Azua,1996


The basic element of life

It all began when we decided to explore the benefits of architecture in the search for designs and forms that would generate a sense of serenity and vitality at first sight. From there, we devised forms and structures suitable for the services of traditional and complementary medicinal therapies (CAM). That is why we have chosen the geometric shapes of carbon to develop spaces that connect with the harmony of the user and nature. Our project focuses on offering an innovative service in the field of non-invasive preventive medicine, providing greater social benefit at lower cost and with a very low environmental impact.

Our Team

Jonathan Moreno

 Director Company

Jose Martinez Parillit

Project Manager

We are a team of physicians, engineers, architects, designers and cutting-edge visual pioneers.

Tatiana Arcos

Responsible for Latin America and the Caribbean

Stefano Lazzaro

 Chief Communications Officer

Daniele Aletti

Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Marco Morelli

Scientific Advisors