The Higher School of Bioenergetics bases its research on a biomedical conception that finds expression in a new theory of knowledge: the Theory of biocognitive structures, which aims to study the action of quantum coherence in the systematic and systemic interaction between human beings and their environment, as well as the relative and reciprocal biological, physiological and even psychological consequences.

In other words, it aims to observe, analyze, measure and evaluate the interactive effect of biological and cosmic structures starting from the experimental consequences of pulsed energy fields on the structure of the human organism, in order to trace the phenomenal and phenomenological causes relating to the connections. that same structure establishes with the universal forces. Studies show, in fact, that there is a single energetic phenomenon which controls the structure-function-consciousness: quantum coherence, which lays the foundations for a new biomedicine that does not reject the results of the science of the past, but recognizes them and expands their field of use.

Well, the Theory of biocognitive structures, and the school of thought which it gives life to, tries to interpretate the complex human structure through a multi-inter-trans-metadisciplinary approach of the sciences called to face, time after time, this or that biomedical problematic:

Philosophy of Bioenergetics, Epistemology of Integrated Sciences, General and Special Bioenergetics, Mathematics and Physics, Mesotherapy and Homotoxicology, Biofunctional Speech Therapy, Face-Postural Optometry, Bio-functional Nutraceuticals, Postural Dentistry, Psychology.

These disciplines, in their interaction, try to build cultural models capable of proposing new paths to solve the most acute problems of our millennium, seeking and adopting - ultimately - a homogeneous scientific language, comparable models, themes and concepts that have a unifying value: an approach, in short, with integrated disciplinary, the only one capable of recognizing all sciences as a field of development and application of a common philosophical and scientific

methodology which, in turn, is finally able to lead man on a plateau of well-being as the human condition of inner balance, regular structure and harmonious beauty.


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